"Our wedding day literally felt like it was out of a fairy tale... It was more than either Jonny or I could ever have imagined - everything was just perfect. 
I can't thank the team at CWC enough - they made our day run so smoothly! I heard over and over the week of our wedding how relaxed I was, and it truly was because I knew we were in good hands and that every little detail would be taken care of. Jonny and I didn't have to worry about a thing regarding wedding logistics - Kelsey and the CWC would handle it. 
We worked with Kelsey throughout the planning process and she was so helpful - managing RSVP's, collecting gift bag items, and even spending several hours at Michael's and Costco for last minute items (then hauling everything all the way to Vail for our wedding) such a load off! 
We know logistically we did not choose the easiest location for our ceremony, but we loved it. The team at CWC made sure that everything we envisioned went smoothly and without any complications (they even drove guests back and forth to restrooms on golf carts since the restrooms were far away)... no one ever knew that we had any concern, it was just beautiful! 
Guests had such a wonderful time at our wedding and were so impressed with Kelsey, Paige, CC and the CWC team that several of our friends getting married next year are already planning to use them to plan their weddings!! We could not be happier - they are in great hands!"

- Abby and Jonny

"When I got engaged, I knew that I needed someone to help me navigate the wedding world. I interviewed a couple different wedding planners, but Kellie and CC blew any other planners out of the competition immediately. My mom and I could not have planned our wedding without Colorado Wedding Company. They felt like friends immediately and I looked forward to seeing them throughout the wedding process. They answered all of my "silly" questions timely and made me feel at ease. Everyone asked my mom and me why we weren't stressed for the wedding and we would always tell them that our wedding planners had it covered--and they DID! Our wedding was flawless and so well put together. My groom/husband was skeptical of hiring a wedding planner, but after meeting Kellie and CC even he would tell people to hire them. I can't sing CWC's praises enough. We will be hiring them for both of my sisters' weddings in the future and will be recommending them to any future bride. THANK YOU CWC!!"

- Anna

“Colorado Wedding Company was a wonderful choice for us. With a family of highly creative minds, we worked daily with CC and found her to be fun, efficient, highly-organized, willing to explore all possibilities, and most of all, so enjoyable to collaborate with on such an important event. She became a true friend throughout the process and we looked forward to every meeting. Hiring the right wedding planner is really important as there are infinite details, various opinions and everyone needs to be on the same page. CC was wonderfully diplomatic when dealing with family and vendors. CWC was extremely knowledgeable on traditions/invitation etiquette, managing guest lists, transportation needs, contracts and went the extra mile for every request. I cannot say enough good things about the entire experience. Thank you for an entirely stress-free process. Your team made our day so magical!”

- Piper and Joel

“Colorado Wedding Company put on a FLAWLESS wedding for my daughter, Piper. The weekend went perfectly; I was able to focus on Piper and enjoy the moments, knowing that everything was taken care of. We were thrilled with their attention to detail and organization skills. CC made the planning process so enjoyable and stress free. We really had fun planning the wedding thanks to the CWC team!”

- Terry, mother of the bride

“I was never the type of girl who had been planning her wedding since she was little, so when Ryan and I got engaged, I knew that we would need help! The one thing that we both considered the most important was that everything go smoothly. We wanted to get hitched without a hitch! Well, Colorado Wedding Company exceeded any expectation we could have had. Between vendor recommendations, sticking to the planning timeline and just their knowledge of how to have a successful wedding, CWC made the planning so simple! Plus, Kellie is a fabulous person to be around, so she made the details a blast! Then, when it came to the big day, Kellie and Kelsey had such control that all we had to do was sit back and enjoy! I don’t know if I will be able to thank them enough for giving me the perfect wedding! 
Thank you again!!!”

- Liz and Ryan

“Colorado Wedding Company is a personable wedding planning one-stop-shop! I knew that I needed a “day of” wedding planner who could get the job done. When I found CWC I knew that they were the perfect fit. They were ready to make sure that Matt and I had the rustic Colorado wedding of a lifetime. From setting up appointments, helping us stay within our budget, and making sure that our wedding was just as we had envisioned it, she was amazing. Her “no pressure” attitude was wonderful. We were able to call them any time to get wedding advice. There was not a question they couldn’t answer. We always felt comfortable with them. Our wedding day was organized to the minute. CC and I even shared a moment when I was trying to hide from the guests and not be seen too early. She found a way for me to maneuver around and calm my nerves at the same time. CWC went above and beyond to make sure that we were happy and enjoying the wedding process. 
Our wedding day was wonderful. Many of the moments that I cherish so fondly were because of the help we received from Colorado Wedding Company. If you have been searching for a great wedding planner, look no further. You’ve just hit the jackpot!”

- Meghan and Matt

“Hiring CWC to be our Day-Of Coordinators was the best decision we made for our September wedding in Vail — everything was completely flawless, and I knew I could trust them from the word “Go.” I could turn to them for advice and suggestions in the planning process, and I had a very helpful meeting with CWC when I first decided to bring them on, and another productive meeting with them about a month before our wedding date — I knew that they knew everything we had envisioned and could carry it out easily. Both CC and Kelsey worked at our wedding, which was necessary with all of the moving parts, and they were invaluable!! I also gave them quite a bit of creative license and the reception was beautiful. I felt completely taken care of, as did my new husband and my family. I enjoyed every moment of my wedding, and it’s mostly due to the fact that I knew CWC had everything under control and I could just relax and enjoy our day with family & friends. The best part was that they are so incredibly friendly and they were genuinely happy for us!”

- Christine and Tim

"I do not even know where to start. Our entire wedding planning process was fun and relaxed. Colorado Wedding Company’s diligence and attention to detail allowed us to enjoy the precious time we were engaged and not stress about the details. They got to know us as a couple and made sure our ceremony and reception reflected that. They did not bombard us with notifications, emails and calls. They made sure we were excited and celebrated from the day we began working with them. Their passion for our wedding made it seem as though ours was their only wedding, yet their professionalism spoke to years of experience and success. We look back on our wedding with such joy, they gave us a memory we will cherish forever. Thank you ladies!!!"

- Winter and Keegan

“Paige and CC are incredible. I do not have enough wonderful things to say about these two, not only as wedding planners, but as women. They are engaging, they are good listeners, they are patient, they are loving, they are dependable, they are enthusiastic, and they are intuitive. I went into my first meeting with CC and Paige, with ideas, a lot of them. They were able to hear through my rambling of thoughts what was my real vision for our wedding. Within minutes, CC said, “So let me see if I understand…” and then she described everything I wanted and had pictured for our perfect wedding. After meeting with CC and Paige, I knew we’d made the right decision to work with them. For the next 14 months, Paige went above and beyond for us. When things got stressful, she always came with a calm demeanour, a handful of solutions, and wine! Paige was organized, understanding, and as excited about our wedding as I was. She came to dress fittings, flower mock-ups, and venue visits and always treated me as if I was her only client. She would remind me of appointments she’d set and always follow up with a phone call “dying to know how it went!”. Paige allowed us to be candid with her. We were able to be honest and say what we didn’t like and what we did. She wanted our day to be perfect too. Working with CWC was absolutely invaluable. They are so good at what they do. They are skilled bargain shoppers and can work within every budget. They are well networked in the industry and helped me find the exact DJ, bakery, and florist I had in mind. I have referred every bride I know to CWC. I tell brides that these two women will turn your dream wedding into a reality. I tell them that wedding planning should be fun, not stressful; Paige and CC ensure that. I started this process with great wedding planners, but ended up with great friends. I look back at my wedding pictures and I see Paige and CC’s touch everywhere: in my blissful smile, in Geoff’s excitement, in my Mom’s “happy-tears”, in my Sister’s laughter, and in my Dad’s dance moves. I am so grateful for CWC, I started with the perfect groom, and they gave us an ending with the perfect wedding!”

- Courtney and Geoff

"The team at Colorado Wedding Company are an amazing, warm, friendly, talented and a special group of women. I've worked in the magazine industry and have attended plenty of weddings, and CC and her team have mastered organization, support, ideas and solutions. Saying yes to my husband was the best decision I've made in my life, hiring CWC was the best decision we made when it came to getting married. My husband and I can say that the day (the weekend) of our wedding was the happiest, most magical, celebratory day of our lives. We could all relax and live in the moment knowing that CC and her team were taking care of the rest. 
Five months before our wedding I called CWC in a panic because I realized the planner I had originally hired liked flowers and parties, but wasn't an expert in the more cumbersome aspects of weddings. Between transportation, church rules, contracts, tuxes, relatives and half the guest list coming from the other side of the country, I needed help. 
CWC came highly recommended and I was expecting CC to be slightly irked with my long To Do list and limited time frame, but she met me several hours later with a huge hug and smile. We discussed and brainstormed vendors, the ambiance, my vision and she reassured me that the wedding would be beautiful and perfect. And it was. She didn't miss a meeting or a beat when it came to any vendor. The bakery, design, church, invite excel spread sheet, seating chart, caterers, etc. CC was only a phone call or text away and as the wedding approached, she didn't judge my over-analysis or how I waited until the last minute to make some crucial decisions. (I highly advise on sticking with the timeline). Having CWC is akin to planning a wedding with your dearest girlfriends and not having to feel guilty about not negotiating a contract with the florist. I can't imagine CC not being a dear friend from here forward. 
CC made a point to get to know my maid of honor and the mother of the groom. She even helped my best friends plan my bachelorette party. She ran to Rite Aid at 10pm the night before, so my sister could stay at the rehearsal dinner. My father, who is a man of few words, still raves about CC and her team. Little did I know, CWC and my dad had planned the most touching surprise for my mother during his toast at the reception. CWC arranged to have butterflies from the Butterfly Pavilion (in honor of my grandmother who passed away) presented to my mom. There was a slight crisis and CC saved the day (and the butterflies) and I found out about a month after the fact! 
My husband and I made a pact that we weren't going to have any digital communication while we were on our honeymoon. but we couldn't help it and had to send CC a photo and email anyway. And one of my bridesmaids just got engaged and I think she called CC first to make sure CWC was available the week of her wedding! 
I can honestly say that not only are the people at CWC amazingly talented and dedicated, but they care. I realized the day of my wedding that I wanted to be surrounded by people who were happy and excited for our future as a married couple, I couldn't have been more grateful it was CC and her team who shared that special day with us."

- Auna and Andrew

“Throughout my nine month engagement, my Mom and I would repeatedly find ourselves turning to each other after a fantastic wedding planning meeting saying, “What would we do without Paige?” You will too if you are lucky enough to be able to work with this high-class wedding team. Not only did they identify the perfect vendor fit for every single one of our needs, but CWC went above and beyond to make sure we felt supported and taken care of. Even the small wedding details that my Mom and I knew nothing about were stress-free decisions that fit in perfectly with my wedding theme with CWC by our side. The weekend of my wedding was seamless and stress-free thanks to Paige and CC quietly leading everything behind-the-scenes. It was as if they were everywhere at just the right time, professionally managing the band, cake-cutting, first dance, etc. with big smiles and open hearts. Nothing was missed, no detail not attended to. 
My wedding was everything I hoped and dreamed it would be, and to this day, I still have guests gushing over our ceremony and reception details that CWC made come to life. I have 100% confidence in saying that my Big Day was flawless because of Paige and CC. If you’re a bride looking for VIP treatment and a wedding coordinator who takes care to get to TRULY know you (you are never just another bride to CWC!), go no farther than CWC. We are forever grateful.”

- Lauren and Dan

“Growing up in Colorado, I always knew I wanted my wedding on top of a mountain. When we got engaged, there was no question it would be in Beaver Creek, CO and that we’d use Colorado Wedding Company after being referred by countless friends. However, since my fiancé and I lived in Chicago I worried it might be difficult to plan an out of town wedding since we would only be able to only travel to Colorado a few times before the big day. Now looking back, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. CC and Paige listened to every detail of how we envisioned the entire weekend and took the logistics and worry off of our plate. 
Each visit home was easy, fun, and most importantly productive so that my fiancé and I could enjoy the time we were in Colorado and get done what needed to be done. I can’t say enough about how much I loved (and now miss) working with CWC. I never worried that our best interests weren’t top of mind for them. Even when I suggested something ludicrous, CC would see what they could do to ensure that it worked with our big picture and budget. CWC took into account how much I stress, and how in control I need to be of everything, and made sure that during our wedding weekend my fiancé and I got to just enjoy and relax. I told CC after the wedding, unless she was hiding something from me, I can’t believe how perfectly everything turned out. It literally was the best night of our lives and I can’t thank Colorado Wedding Company enough for planning our out of town wedding and making it as seamless and wonderful as it was.”

- Courtney and Andrew

“Residing many miles away from Colorado, we knew that our decision to hire planners wasn’t to be taken lightly. Upon first meeting with CWC, it was apparent that there stood two extraordinary women, meant to be planners. They were immediately so energetic and engaging, a perfect fit we thought to design our wedding day. Throughout the whole planning process, CC and Paige offered so much comfort due to their extreme attention to detail, great ideas, and hard work ethic. They both gave us their undivided attention and made us feel like their only clients. Our wedding day came, and to true form passed with great ease. Not a hiccup at all and the beauty of the day far exceeded any of our expectations! If you are lucky enough to have Colorado Wedding Company assist in planning your wedding, you will undoubtedly have access to two of the best in the industry. CC and Paige were our greatest asset to creating that perfect wedding we desired.”

- Kristin and Hadi

“Working with Colorado Wedding Company to help us plan our wedding was hands down one of the best decisions that my husband and I made. Not only did they help us plan the most perfect wedding of all time, but they also were a pleasure to work with. They went above and beyond the call of duty – oftentimes playing the role of wedding planner, friend, maid of honor, mom, and mentor. I had just moved out to Colorado, so really had no family or friends close by to help me plan the wedding. Paige and CC stepped in and were truly there for me. 
I knew that I wanted a wedding with tons of details, but I did not know how to execute all of it in the six months I had to plan it. CWC made the process easy and told me not to worry about anything. Because of them, the process was a pleasure, rather than stressful. I honestly could not have made it happen without the two of them helping me orchestrate everything. They also had very creative ideas and additions that made the whole look and feel of the wedding come together. On the actual day of the wedding, we were thrilled to see all of the details come together in the way we had imagined it. Not only did the look and feel of the event blow us away, but nothing was out of place. Everything was truly perfect. My husband and I are so thankful that we had the opportunity to work with CWC and would highly recommend them to any couple planning a wedding. We are sad it is over we enjoyed working with them so much!”

- Sydney and Chad

“My husband and I had a feeling that we’d found the right planners as soon as we met CC and Paige. Other planners we considered struck us as old-fashioned or tiresome. Our feeling about CWC turned out to be spot on – they knew just how to work with us and our needs, both budgetary and aesthetic (they were great at helping us figure out what type of wedding we wanted at a price we were comfortable with). We were very impressed by their professionalism and positive yet realistic attitude. 
Although my husband and I lived overseas during the last few months of our wedding planning, CC kept us on track without stressing us out. She was very organized and proactive, yet understanding, patient, and really friendly. 
On our wedding day, CC and Paige did a wonderful job – we hardly noticed they were there, yet they managed to keep everything on track and everyone happy. In many ways, they went above and beyond what we would have expected. Indeed, many of our guests commented on their impressive performance. I would recommend CWC for any bride-to-be, even those on a budget. Having CC and Paige as our behind-the-scenes masters of ceremony was undoubtedly worth it.”

- Juliette and Colin

“Hard to imagine that at the close of the wedding weekend that you become so close to your wedding planners, that you miss the interaction. 
CWC delivered an amazing wedding. It is not only the final result that sets them apart but the day to day effort that must be measured. How they kept their composure, given the difficult climate that surfaced during the year of planning, is a mystery to me! Each obstacle was met with a concise answer and more importantly, a steadfast smile! Working with them helped to defuse the anxiety associated with planning a destination wedding. 
I am a type AAAAA personality and I live for details. Working with someone who questions every move and wants control over every piece must be the ultimate challenge for a wedding planner. My requests were met with respect and never once did they make me feel that my decision making was anything less than justified. This is the element of service that should be closely considered when selecting a planner. There are many personalities that must blend together over the course of the year. Everyone has an opinion but it takes a true professional to defuse emotions and lessen anxiety. 
CC and Paige led us to a band that kept the dance floor rocking all night! The venue for the reception was magical to say the least. Flowers and decor, wedding guests have been calling our home raving about the many visual elements at the church and the reception site. The F-16, giant ice luge was a big hit! I could go on and on. 
In closing let me say, that I will miss them both. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for their work. They brought integrity to the task of planning our wedding and each and everyday they met us with a personality that never wavered. I am sincerely grateful for their efforts and commend them! Did I mention that we came in under budget? Not an easy task!!”

- Donna, mother of the bride

“From the day I met Paige and CC they expressed sincere interest and completely absorbed themselves into how we envisioned our day! They recommended fabulous vendors and more importantly worked wonderfully with all the vendors to keep everyone on the same page. 
Aside from their attention to detail, organization, energy, and positive / proactive outlooks – their passion sets them apart! 
As a bride not living in CO, they were always available to help me before I got in town and maintained constant communication with us throughout the entire process! 
Most importantly I wanted a wedding coordinator I could trust to take care of every detail the day of the wedding so I could be a bride – they have a great eye for class and detail allowing my fiance and I as well as our parents to enjoy the wedding – which we all did! 
Thank you for everything – you are truly talended and wonderful people!”

- Kelly and Daniel

“Having CWC to work with took all the stress out of our wedding planning. They helped every step of the way, dress shopping, invitations, flowers, table cloths, band selection (our band was awesome!),transportation, hotels, parental interference and food selection. The entire time they made sure everything was top notch and at the best price possible for the things we desired. Their commitment never ended and on our big day they were there to make sure everything went smoothly. All we had to do was smile and enjoy our day. How can I fail to mention how nice they are as individuals and how energizing they were with every task. Aside from marrying each other, the decision to hire them was the smartest decision we made!”

- Catherina and James

“Colorado Wedding Company was absolutely amazing! I highly recommend using them. Theoretically, they were only supposed to help me the day of my wedding. In reality, though they helped with so much more. I was very concerned with the timeline for the day of my wedding and CWC spent hours helping me map out every detail. Because of them I was calm and everything moved along smoothly. Looking back, I wish I would have used them to help me plan the entire event. Anything that went wrong, Paige took care of efficiently and with a relaxed smile. In fact, I didn’t even know the air conditioning went out shortly before our reception started. CWC took care of it and no one was the wiser. It was such a comfort to know that CWC was there in case anything went off course. Thank you so much for all that you did! I don’t thing I would have stayed sane without you!”

- Meagan and Bob

“I’ve always known what the wedding of my dreams would look like, but about five months before the wedding, Brent and I realized that turning our dreams into a reality was proving to be more complicated, time-consuming and overwhelming that we had thought. Luckily, a friend of ours referred us to CC and Paige, and after meeting with them, we made one of the best decisions we ever made regarding our wedding – we hired Colorado Wedding Company to be our ‘day-of’ wedding coordinators! Right away, they started helping us get organized and find the final vendors that we needed. As the wedding got closer, it was so nice to know that they were only a phone call or e-mail away, and we bombarded them with questions. They were so helpful and patient. They even helped us get a great SUV limo at the last minute, even though it was prom weekend (a task we were finding to be impossible!) They are so knowledgeable about the industry, so they gave us amazing recommendations, suggestions, answers to the questions we asked and reminders to be sure we stayed on track. They also put together a detailed timeline for the big day’s events, which made the day run so smoothly. We put our complete trust in them and were not disappointed. Because of their knowledge, organization and thoughtfulness, we truly did have the wedding of our dreams!”

- Alexandra and Brent

“CC and Paige technically helped for the ‘day of’ our wedding. But what that meant and what they did was so much more! They finalized our to-do lists weeks before; confirmed the arrival times of our vendors; transported all of the programs, placecards, ribbons, and altar decorations to the venue; found my lipstick moments before I walked down the aisle; filled up my wine glass when it was needed; and even served my dad his slice of wedding cake when we realized he hadn’t gotten one! From our first meeting, they understood and applied the tone and style of the wedding we wanted. Of all the costs that go into planning a wedding, hiring Colorado Wedding Company was one of the more beneficial and affordable decisions we made!”

- Risa and Ryan

“The single best thing I did in planning my wedding was hire CWC to manage and oversee my day-of activities. With my wedding turning out to be a 4 day event, the most relaxing day was the actual day of my wedding. They provided me with the gift of time- allowing me to spend the day with my bridesmaids and family. Although I hired them for the “day-of” activities, they were my trusted advisors throughout the planning process. They would send me reading materials, provide valuable advice and invested the time in learning every detail in order to execute what I believed to be the “perfect” wedding. Although, I would not describe perfection as pouring down rain the instant I walked down the aisle, the hour delay in the ceremony and moving the ceremony from outside to inside. They were able to manage the unexpected with grace, professionalism and “know how” and in return did make my wedding day turn out perfect! They shielded me from all the logistic issues and allowed me to focus on my wedding and our guests! They are so detail oriented, organized and experienced, that you can count on them to think of everything!! My wedding was PERFECT and I know it wouldn’t have been the same if I didn’t have CWC by my side. Thanks CC and Paige- you guys did an awesome job!”

- Keren and Michael

“Working with CC and Paige to create our dream wedding was a true joy! They offered us not only tremendous help with all of the endless details, but provided us with amazing support and reassurance–a priceless contribution ! They maintained incredible professionalism and organization while balancing it with a very relaxed and flexible style which put us at ease. We could always trust that they were coordinating with all of our different providers (catering, florists, photography, etc) in order to bring all of the pieces of a wedding extravaganza together. We are so grateful for the individualized attention they provided us from the very beginning stages of the planning, from helping us create our vision for the special day right down to setting up place cards. They were always there, somehow knowing what we needed even before we did. Working with CC and Paige allowed us to feel completely relaxed the day of the wedding, allowing us to focus on what our special day was really about. Our sincerest thanks....”

- Erin and Gary

“Many thanks to the Colorado Wedding Company for helping us to create the wedding of our dreams! They helped us shape our ideas for an outdoor wedding into an extremely elegant and romantic affair—all while staying within the boundaries of a modest budget. CWC coordinated every aspect of our vendor relations—from organizing pre-wedding day site previews for the band, florist and caterer, to ensuring that everyone was tipped appropriately before the night was over. While many couples opt to give responsibilities to bridal party or family members, we relied on CWC to take care of everything, and they didn’t miss a beat! From bringing in a light lunch (complete with mimosas) for the bridal party to enjoy while preparing for the big day, to cueing the music to start and the bridal party to march, CC and Paige were on top of every detail. They even thought of putting together personal care baskets for the guest restrooms, so that everyone could look and feel their best throughout the night. Our special day was truly magical, and our guests have told us repeatedly that ours was the best wedding they have ever attended. Beautifully done, Colorado Wedding Company!”

- Jenna and Dan

“We were extremely happy with the level of service and attention given to us by Colorado Wedding Company. They pay attention to detail and I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to have someone to rely on during our wedding day! They made excellent suggestions that we would have never thought of: lined up the wedding party according to height, moved flowers from church to reception etc. We were so grateful to have CC as our day-of wedding planner!”

- Paige and Brian

“We can’t begin to thank Colorado Wedding Company enough for making our wedding so incredible. We were able to tell them what we wanted and the vision we had for our wedding day and they made it happen beautifully! Both CC and Paige were fantastic to work with – their insight and professionalism made the wedding planning flow smoothly. We never had to worry about the details, they had taken care of every last step which made us feel so at ease and reassured! The last thing you want to worry about before your wedding is following up with all the vendors, last minute changes, etc – CC and Paige took care of all the stress. They have a passion for making this the most incredible day of our lives. There was a lot of behind the scene coordination that they took care of that we didn’t even know about. Their focus was for us not to worry about a thing and just enjoy our wedding day! We enjoyed every minute of working with CC and Paige, our wedding would not have been the same without them. Our deepest thanks and gratitude to you both!”

- Susan and Nick

“Kelsey, CC and the CWC team made the impossible possible for my big day. I had just three months to plan my wedding since my husband and I got engaged in June when my mom was in the ICU from complications with brain cancer. She had mentioned to my sister that she thought the perfect place for me to get married would be the Denver Botanic Gardens since my Dad, who passed away 13 years ago, was a botanist and nature lover. I knew I’d never be able to manage it on my my own since getting married outdoors meant we didn’t have a moment to lose. We had heard about CWC from a friend in the wedding industry and met with them right away. They did a very thorough initial interview and hit the ground running. 
While I sat in my mom’s hospital room, they made hundreds of phone calls and emails to vendors and helped us hone our vision, all the while allowing me to google their suggestions and manage everything on our end with just a few phone calls and emails. They found us the best vendors, set up meetings, attended every meeting, and when a better deal could be found they found it. And when things got stressful or uncomfortable, Kelsey was there to jump in and take care of it. She even emailed guests that tried to sneak in plus ones that we couldn’t accommodate! In addition to everything else, we crammed in an American civil ceremony in a white dress, a Chinese tea ceremony in a traditional red dress, photos with our enormous families, four meals (I hear some brides and grooms don’t get a chance to eat?), 2 hairstyles, cornhole, shuffleboard, a whiskey tasting bar, three shoe changes, a choreographed first dance, and a sparkler exit. CWC made our big day not only manageable, but so enjoyable. I sincerely and highly recommend Kelsey, CC, and CWC.”

- Taylor and Adrian

“A HUGE thank you for everything you did for the wedding! Truly perfect in every way. When my mom and I were catching up about the wedding, I couldn’t help getting choked up thinking about how magical it all was. The wedding was the best day of Matt and I’s life. Thank you for all your hard work over the past 8 months. I have so much to be grateful for and working with Kellie and Colorado Wedding Company is one of them! As my mom says, the wedding was a gift we gave to our family and friends, and it truly felt that way as I know everyone had an amazing time! We continue to hear that this was the best wedding our friends/family had ever gone too. I delighted in every moment.”

- Liz and Matt