Full Service Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is an exciting experience that every bride, groom and family member should cherish and enjoy. That said, it is also an event that requires significant planning and thought down to the smallest detail. 
Let Colorado Wedding Company provide you with the support you need from start to finish so that your wedding planning remains fun and memorable. 
Our Full Service wedding package services your every wedding planning desire from budgeting to concept to completion. Let our skilled team work with you to make your vision a breathtaking reality!



Day-of Wedding Coordination

The day of your wedding should be all about YOU – the bride and groom. This is the one day of your life where stress should not be in your vocabulary. No matter how well the event is planned and how much detail goes into the wedding day, something always goes wrong or needs extra attention, so let Colorado Wedding Company manage all of the details, logistics and the issues that will arise. 
We will work seamlessly to ensure that your special day goes smoothly so that you can focus on having fun. This way, you will remember all the special moments of the day and not wedding planning details. 
Our Day of Package (which is truly “Month-of”) includes: 
– Working with you a month before the wedding to create a detailed plan for the wedding day 
– Understanding all the vendors and details you planned with them 
– Reaching out to all of your vendors to share the detailed plan and to let them know we are the point person for your event 
– Arriving early at the Ceremony & Reception to ensure that everything is being set up as you envisioned 
– Coordinating the timeline for your Ceremony & Reception 
– At the end of the Reception we will collect all of your presents and personal items so that you and your family can enjoy the entire night and depart without a care in the world 
– We will return your presents and personal items to your home or hotel room upon conclusion of the event 
Total Cost for Day-of: $3,200



Wedding Vendor Assistance

Many couples enjoy the planning process and want to do it on their own. However, it is not easy for everyone to find the “right” vendors and to know who is who, who can be trusted, who is legitimate, who overcharges, or who can make your wedding day the best it can be. That is where we come in. 
CWC will do the research for you and provide you with a 2 hour brainstorming session. You will walk away with a list of qualified vendors that can meet all of your needs and budget. 
Total Cost for Brainstorming/Vendor Assistance: $1,000